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Jumpers & Jazz Festival Warwick - Where Music Meets Art

Warwick's annual Jumpers and Jazz Festival is a delightful fusion of music and art that captivates both locals and visitors. Our Maryvale Village has been decorated and we're feeling the community spirit this art initiative brings to the region. A vibrant event that transforms the town into a colorful wonderland, featuring knitted art installations and a full program of jazz performances. July 20-30th 2023.

Jumpers and Jazz Festival seamlessly combines soulful jazz melodies with the creativity of textile art. For ten days in July, the historic streets of Warwick come alive with vibrant yarn creations and resonating jazz tunes, creating a captivating atmosphere.

A Knitted Wonderland: The festival's highlight is the knitted art installations, known as "jumpers," adorning trees, lampposts, and buildings. These colorful creations, handcrafted by talented community knitters, transform Warwick into a whimsical winter wonderland.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the diverse range of jazz performances throughout the festival. Local and international musicians take the stage, offering a variety of jazz genres to suit all musical tastes.

Workshops and Events

Jumpers and Jazz Festival hosts engaging workshops, exhibitions, and events for all ages. Attendees can learn knitting and crochet techniques, participate in street parades, explore market stalls, and indulge in culinary experiences. It's a celebration of creativity and community engagement. You can read more about it via the official website: Home - Jumpers and Jazz | Warwick | Jumpers and Jazz in July

Beyond its cultural offerings, Jumpers and Jazz Festival embodies the spirit of community. The event brings together locals, visitors, artists, and musicians, fostering a sense of unity and joy. It's an opportunity to connect with the Warwick community and experience its vibrant energy.

If you find yourself wanting to explore the region during July, this is a must do! And why not include a visit to our historic little pub on your travels. We offer a family friendly atmosphere with indoor outdoor dining with regular events and entertainment. You can learn about the rich history of Maryvale and the timeline of Maryvale Crown Hotel at the heart of this village.

Open Wednesday - Sunday with LIVE MUSIC every Saturday All Winter Long

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