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Discover the Rich History of The Crown Hotel, Maryvale.

Stepping into the Crown Hotel, Maryvale, is a chance to immerse yourself in the local history or our region and this little pub. Since its establishment in 1913 by Bridget Keefe, the wife of Constable Matt Keefe, this iconic hotel has been a centerpiece of the community. The Maryvale Village. Its doors were initially opened to entice visitors from the recently inaugurated railway station, which had commenced operations just two years earlier.

The Keefe family embarked on a construction project in May 1912, driven by a determination to build a lasting structure. The Crown Hotel was meticulously built using reinforced concrete and steel, a testament to their vision and commitment. Intriguingly, their decision was partly influenced by their son's survival of the devastating San Francisco Earthquake in 1906, fostering a deep appreciation for resilient buildings.

As you explore the hotel, be sure to wander through the hallway and witness a fascinating cut-out that reveals the internal composition of the walls. (For those who are cautious) This feature offers a glimpse into the hotel's sturdy construction and pays homage to its architectural significance.

The railway line that passed through Maryvale was originally envisioned to connect Sydney to Brisbane, facilitating trade and promoting tourism. However, on the 1st of November, 1960, the line ceased operations due to the rising dominance of road transportation and the subsequent upgrade of Cunningham's Gap. Despite this change, the grandeur of the Crown Hotel, with its high-ceilinged rooms, ornate pressed metal ceilings, exquisite cornices, inviting fireplaces, polished floorboards, and sprawling verandahs overlooking breathtaking vistas, continues to be the beating heart of the village.

A year ago, in August 2022, a new chapter began for the Crown Hotel, Maryvale, as Mark and Jacki Wuersching took over its stewardship. Bursting with enthusiasm, they have been dedicated to restoring and enhancing the hotel's cherished heritage. With their passion for preserving the past while building for the future caretakers and the future of those caretakers - a storyline with many chapters.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, we extend a warm welcome to you. Experience the timeless charm of the Crown Hotel, Maryvale. We hope that your visit to this historic establishment leaves you with a new appreciation for its rich heritage, just as it has done for us.

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